Who’s Who In Artisanal Ice Creams

Who’s Who In Artisanal Ice Cream

CAPSULE REPORT: There’s a lot of great artisanal ice cream in the U.S., and you can have most of it overnighted to you. It will arrive rock-hard and delicious. For an ice-cream lover, the cost of this indulgence is not prohibitive: Two people going out for a few rounds of drinks could spend as much as the cost of getting 6 delicious pints delivered to your door. And, the latter is so much more memorable. Here, an overview of the artisanal ice cream movement and some of our top picks.

Mora Iced Creamery (Bainbridge Island, WA).

I had never heard of this little company before I started writing this article, but one great thing about researching foods is that you never know what you’ll find, and in this case I’ve discovered a gem. Jerry Perez and his wife Ana Orselli, the owners, grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city renowned for her ice cream parlors, which double as social gathering places (residents of Buenos Aires meet friends in ice cream parlors as we would meet them in bars or coffeehouses). When they moved to the U.S., they missed both the ice creams and the nice environment in ice cream parlors they knew from their homeland. So, in true entrepreneurial fashion, they started their own ice cream business, and my taste buds are the happier for it. You won’t find any fancy pint cartons if you mail-order products from this venture still in its infancy, but what you will find are taste sensations. You can’t go wrong with the Mora (Spanish for “blackberry,” and it’s a vivid-purple ice cream, not a sorbet). The Gianduja (chocolate-hazelnut) and the sweet, creamy Coconut (another ice cream) are not to be missed. And the filled-with-fruit, sweet-tart Raspberry (sorbet) is a must-try. There are two retail parlors in Washington State. There’s no e-commerce, but you can e-mail the company or call them at 1.206.855.1112 to place an order, something you really should consider doing. Shown: French Vanilla Ice Cream.

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