Our customers tell us that a single spoonful of Mora ice cream can transport them to another time and place. That just one lick of our strawberry ice cream will take them back to a summer on grandmother’s farm, or that a taste of our marron glace will bring them to the door of a tiny ice cream shop they once loved in Paris.


Then they ask us how we do it. There is no simple way to explain how we turn milk and sugar mixed with fruit, chocolate or nuts into a transcendent experience.

It begins with our recipes, which we develop and test ourselves. We carefully balance our ingredients to be sure that no one single flavor or texture overwhelms another. We believe that too much butterfat will dull the flavors of an extraordinary ice cream. Instead of asking customers to ‘taste with their eyes’, we encourage our customers to taste, really taste, as many flavors as they like before making their final selection.

So, in our recipes, we pair fresh whole milk with thick rich cream. The result, in addition to being intensely flavored, also has the lucky benefit of being lower in fat and cholesterol than most other super-premium brands. It continues in the creamery, where we follow old world recipes.  You might find us peeling ripe pears, chopping mint leaves, cutting fresh cantaloupes, slowly melting great blocks of chocolate or carefully roasting walnuts and hazelnuts. We believe the extra time it takes to make our ice cream is worth it!

And it extends to our ice cream parlors, where we take great pains to serve our ice cream at its peak. When customers walk into our shop for the first time, they are surprised to see rows and rows of stainless steel canisters, but no ice cream!

That’s because we house each flavor in its own state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled compartment. This allows us to keep each ice cream or sorbet at its ideal temperature, and it prevents each flavor’s delicate scent from mixing with its neighbors. Conventional wisdom tells us that we would sell more ice cream if our customers could see all of our flavors at the same time, in big glass-fronted cases. But to maintain the quality, consistency and flavor of our ice cream, we keep it under wraps.

At Mora, we believe it’s worth all the extra effort we take to create extraordinary ice cream. And perhaps it’s this passion that makes our ice cream transcendent.