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Mora Iced Creamery, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Why we love it so much: Less butterfat, more flavor. That’s the mantra that has created one of the West Coast’s finest seaside creameries, tucked away near the ferry dock on Washington’s Bainbridge Island. Worth hopping the boat from Seattle? We’d do it daily, just to have a chance to work our way through Ana Orselli and Jerry Perez’s menu of more than 70 subtly remarkable flavors (48 on any given day) that include Gianduja, Marron Glace, Dulce de Leche (homages to their hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Goat Cheese with Fig, Banana Split, Lemon Bar, and now that it’s summer, Lavender. Glorious; 206-855-1112 (ext. 301) or