A scenic ferry ride from Seattle, to Bainbridge Island, we make ice cream in small batches using fresh milk, real eggs and cane sugar. On a visit to our creamery you might find us slowly toasting pistachio nuts or melting Belgian chocolate.

We might be peeling ripe pears, chopping mint leaves or cutting fresh cantaloupes. Our goal? To make ice cream the old-fashioned way, the way your great-grandmother did, combining the best ingredients she could find with the deep-seated desire to nourish and care for her family.

We don’t take shortcuts or use powdered mixes. We develop our own recipes, carefully testing them over and over, to make certain that one ingredient doesn’t overwhelm another, to ensure a texture that is smooth and creamy, and to create the most intensely flavored ice creams and sorbets you’ve ever tasted.

We churn old world flavors – Gianduja, Marron Glace and Dulce de Leche — that are traditional in our hometown of Buenos Aires, as well as new-school favorites—Goat Cheese with Fig, Banana Split and Lemon Bar. We offer seasonal specialties — Rose Petal ice cream for Valentine’s Day, Lavender in the summer, Eggnog for Thanksgiving, and everyday you’ll find eight different choices of chocolate ice cream.

In fact, we’ve developed more than 70 flavors, which we add to regularly, and on any given day you’ll find 48 on hand. With so many options, there’s sure to be a flavor to suit every palate!For us, the experience of eating ice cream is just as important as the ice cream itself.So that we could share the experience of “meeting and eating” with our friends and neighbors on our adopted island, we opened our Bainbridge Island shop in 2006.

Whatever the temperature outside, inside our shop you’ll find people laughing, joking, talking and savoring Mora ice cream in cups or cones, as milkshakes, floats or parfaits.

Before long, our loyal clientele, both the locals on the island and the tourists who enjoyed Mora on their island visits, began asking us to ship our ice cream and sorbets to far-flung family and friends. So now we send Mora to the four corners of the U.S.However you first encounter Mora, we want the experience to be your finest.

— Ana Orselli and Jerry Perez

P.S. Customers are always asking us how we chose the name “Mora” for our iced creamery. Bainbridge Island is an emerald beauty and home to the wild blackberry. Mora means “blackberry” in Italian and Spanish.