Chef Greg Atkinson’s top 3 eateries on Bainbridge Island – Where the Chefs Eat

Eric Riddle, King 5 Evening | May 16, 2019
When he’s not serving up French food with a PNW twist, Chef Greg Atkinson is likely grabbing a bite from these Bainbridge Island hot spots. (read the full story), July 23, 2019
Artisanal Ice Cream Back on Track in Summerlin and Town Square

“…ice cream prepared ‘the old-fashioned way,’ with ‘fresh milk, real eggs, and cane sugar.’”, May 16, 2019
Chef Greg Atkinson’s top 3 eateries on Bainbridge Island – Where the Chefs Eat
When he’s not serving up French food with a PNW twist, Chef Greg Atkinson is likely grabbing a bite from these Bainbridge Island hot spots.

“They make some of the most interesting ice creams I’ve ever had.”, March, 2018
Puget Sound’s Mora Iced Creamery Sees Sweet – and Very Cool! – Success in Its Expansion into Utah

Routinely named one of the best “artisanal” ice creams in the country, Mora Iced Creamery has five new storefronts in the works for the greater Wasatch Front/Salt Lake City region with the first scheduled to open later this spring.

VOGUE, September, 2016
A guide to Bainbridge Island, the Nantucket of the Pacific Northwest

For sweets, don’t miss Mora Iced Creamery, a Washington state institution where the best flavors are made from local ingredients—think lavender, green tea, and blackberry.

MORA comes to Starbucks! August, 2016

Starbucks Newsroom, June 27, 2016

Affogato Line-up Joins Starbucks Roastery Cold Coffee Menu

Coastal Living, Summer 2016

The 10 Best Ice Cream Shops at the Beach 
While we’d eat ice cream every day of the year, we really love ice cream in the summer–especially at the beach. Here are 10 of our editors’ all-time favorite ice cream spots on the coasts, from old-fashioned frozen custard spots on North Carolina’s Outer Banks to artisan scoops beyond compare on Washington’s Bainbridge Island. Hungry? You are now.”

Zagat April, 2015
“Best Ice Cream Spots in Seattle”

The Daily Journal of Commerce April, 2015
“Mora ice cream plant is opening in Poulsbo”

The Stranger – Slog News & Arts August, 2013
“The Best Ice Cream in Seattle May Not Be in Seattle.”

Afar Travel Blog April, 2013
“Might just be the best ice cream. Ever.”

The Martha Blog August, 2013
“Day One Of A Weekend Of Gardens In Indianola, Washington”

And Magazine Summer, 2013
“Vanilla, Chocolate, MORA – Artisan Ice Cream Inspired from Childhood” August, 2013
“Top 16 competitors in the Battle of the Best: Ice cream tournament”

MSN July, 2013
“Rediscover Seattle: Island Escape” (video, MORA segment at 4:00)

Redbook May, 2013
“31 Days of Artisan Ice Cream”

The Sun Break March, 2013
“A Food Lover’s Guide to a Bainbridge Ferry Ride”

Cambria Style March, 2013
“Special Delivery – Delicious Treats by Mail? Yes, Please!

Serious Eats March 6, 2013
“Nine Best Bites in Winslow, Bainbridge Island, Near Seattle, WA”
Slideshow of restaurants

South Sound Magazine February-March, 2013
South Sound Magazine (PDF)
“Creamy Delights”

Voracious / Seattle Weekly Blog January 7, 2013
Seattle’s Top 10 Cheap Date Destinations

Seattle Met Nosh Pit
This Might Be Your Last Weekend to Eat Ice Cream

Grow Community Blog December 17, 2012

The ‘Mora Index’ for growing a connected, freedom-loving kid – As a 12-year-old, I remember well the territory… Summer 2012 – America’s Best Ice Cream Cities

“A Bainbridge Island favorite owned and operated by two Argentinean expats; the superb ice cream, made in small batches, comes in flavors like Dulce de Leche, Gianduja, and Swiss Chocolate.”

Hemispheres Inflight Magazine Summer 2012

“Bainbridge has everything a small island should: great bookstore (Eagle Harbor), superb café (Blackbird Bakery) and addictive ice cream (Mora Iced Creamery).”

As Seen in Seattle Met, August 2012

Seattle Met July 17, 2012

“Mora prides itself on having relatively low butterfat levels of about 6 percent, letting flavors come through as pure and clear as sound carrying over the water on a summer night.”

Q13 Fox

Q13 Fox has founder, Jerry Perez, on camera talking about the inspiration behind the magic of MORA. Take a look!

97.3 KIRO

Bainbridge Mora Iced Creamery named best in U.S. (Click the link above to listen to a clip of the interview with owner, Jerry Perez.)

Top 10 places to get ice cream in the US  July 13, 2012

SEATTLE Weekly Voracious blog

Inn at the Market (SEATTLE) blog
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Who’s Who In Artisanal Ice Creams

Horizon Air Magazine


Food & Wine magazine included Mora Iced Creamery in the Best Ice Cream spots in the US.

WEST SOUND HOME & GARDEN   March 6, 2012
West Sound Home & Garden “Best of Food & Wine” issue.
MORA won “Reader’s Choice Award.”

THE CONSUMERIST    by Chris Morran on August 10, 2011
We all scream | Are These Really The 25-Best Ice Cream Shops In The Country?

Seattle Flyer Guy’s All-purpose Travel Blog February, 2012
“Walking Downtown Bainbridge Island”
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the ferry to Bainbridge Island, which is of the best mini-day trips that you can do from Seattle without a car.


Seattle Weekly magazine named Mora Iced Creamery the 2011 Best Ice Cream Parlor in Seattle.
Nina Shapiro, Seattle Weekly reviewer wrote:

The ice cream—of which you can get endless samples before ordering—has all the favorite artisan flavors of the day, including lavender and rose petals (assuming the ingredients are in season). But it also has an unusual international bent, with flavors like Mexican chocolate, dulce de leche, and gianduja (a sweet chocolate mixed with hazelnuts), along with sorbets that use refreshing ingredients like cantaloupe and lime. If you can’t find something here you like, you probably don’t like ice cream.”


Nancy Leson, Seattle Times Food Writer says:

“Mora Iced Creamery should be on your mini-staycation list and high atop everyone’s “take the outtatowners” itinerary. Hop the ferry at the Colman Dock (headed for Winslow) or Edmonds (to Kingston), take a short walk and chill at these neighborly ice-cream parlors. Here, the sweet stuff is secreted away in temperature-controlled stainless-steel containers, keeping flavors pure and textures tantalizing.”

FOOD & WINE    August 2007

“Nutty. Jerry Perez and Ana Orselli’s exceptional gianduja (hazelnut-chocolate) at Mora Iced Creamery on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle.”



“Our grandmothers never made anything like their goat-cheese-and-fig ice cream, but we’re glad Orselli did.”


HORIZON AIR    July 2007

“Not to be missed is Mora’s South American-inspired dulce de leche, whose initial taste—sweet in the mouth, though not heavy—is followed by a mouthwatering moment right after, when the taste buds on the side of the tongue spring to life. Then there’s the marron glace with the French chestnuts preserved in syrup; the mora with its hand-smashed blackberries (mora means “blackberry” in Spanish) ; and the amazing gianduja—silky-smooth hazelnut-flavored chocolate featuring Oregon hazelnuts.


NORTHWEST PALATE    July/August 2006

“Their ice cream is made from scratch using local milk, cane sugar, and ripe fruit. The pink grapefruit sorbet packs one grownup punch!”



“Jump-start the summer season with a decadent waffle cone from Bainbridge Island’s new Mora Iced Creamery outpost. The 48 flavors, all made from ultra-fresh ingredients and including irresistibles like mora (blackberry), are stored in sleek stainless-steel containers for optimum freshness, so no seeing beforehand. But trust us, it’s worth the suspense.”


Southwest Airlines SPIRIT    August, 2006

“A commitment to the freshest ingredients demands painstaking labor from Perez and Orselli, who chop, peel, and pulverize every single fruit for their ice creams and sorbets.”



“When it’s time to treat yourself, do it at Mora Iced Creamery with sorbets and old-fashioned Bainbridge Island-made ice cream in flavors you have to taste to believe.”


HORIZON AIR    June 2006

“Thanks to Mora Iced Creamery, a company started in fall 2004 by an Argentinean family that moved to Bainbridge Island, west of Seattle, Northwest residents and visitors can savor the experience of gathering over artisan ice cream.”

Nancy Leson, Restaurant Critic, Pacific Northwest Magazine, SEATTLE TIMES November 2006

“Imagine Ye Old Ice Cream Shoppe envisioned by a mad scientist and you’ve got Mora, where elegant ice cream is made with impeccable ingredients.”

SEATTLE WEEKLY    August 2006

“Best Ice Cream Innovators.”

Hsiao-Ching Chou, Food Editor, SEATTLE PI 
December 2005

“Winter weather cannot deny fabulous ice cream, and the pure flavors of Mora Iced Creamery are worth suffering shivers.”