What Exactly is Gianduja?

Gianduja, one of our most beloved flavors of Mora Ice Cream, is also one of the least well known. Gianduja (pronounced jhe-yan doo yah) is a smooth spread made of chocolate and ground hazelnuts. Wikipedia elaborates: Gianduja is a sweet…

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Mora Flavor Suggestions

Have a flavor suggestion for Mora Iced Creamery? We'd love to hear it! We don’t take shortcuts or use powdered mixes. We develop our own recipes, carefully testing them over and over, to make certain that one ingredient doesn’t overwhelm another,…

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Mora Recipes

Each serving of Mora ice cream contains less butterfat than most premium manufactured ice creams. That's because the old world recipes that we test to perfection in our ice cream kitchen rely on fresh, pure ingredients - not butterfat -…

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